Born as a project to evaluate Radix' NFT capabilities, RadiPux now helps building its creators main project, Battle Cards Online ("BCO").

Next to being an actually very fun NFT project on itself, RadiPux will deliver BCO players and collectors exclusive benefits¹.

The $PUX collection


A stunning 517 $PUX have been adopted so far. This means we are in Phase 1. Those early $PUX are available for only $XRD 150 each.

Thank you for your support!

Take me to the full collection!

So here we go, another 10,000 crappy, glorified images?

No, because apart from the obvious fun of adopting and homing a $PUX (or some ), exploring their traits and rarities and even trade them with other collectors, we are already working on exclusive benefits for $PUX holders in the upcoming Battle Cards Online Trading & Battle Cards game ("BCO").

Adopting RadiPux today will earn you random interims $PUX token, which will be minted into the matching RadiPux NFT after Babylon gets launched.

Why $PUX?

RadiPux started as a side project to help Tobi’s kids understand the mechanics of building those famous „10k-non-fungible-something-somethings“. Based on their grumpy family pug „Karl“, the Pux Collection turned out quite cool, so why not bring them to life?!

Since we were anyway looking for a way to explore Radix' potential for the NFT based BCO project, RadiPux became the test project of choice. Besides a reward in $PUX, the team decided to donate the project to become the seed crowdfunding for BCO. So by buying $PUX you proof to some 12 & 13 years-olds that their work paid off, as well as you're helping to create the first Radix based Trading & Battle Cards game!

What is Battle Cards Online ("BCO")?

Battle Cards Online is the first decentralized, distributed ledger-based Trading and Battle Card platform to unite millions of TCG enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and trade NFT cards, participate in, or bet on, real-time battles and even host tournaments in your owned arena for actual profit.

Being community-centric for game, marketplace and ecosystem, anyone from players to collectors and artists will find opportunities to participate in and profit within Battle Cards Online.

RadiPux HODLers will enjoy priority access to Battle Cards Online and future projects related to RadiPux.

Adopting $PUX

RadiPux are now listed for sale and trade on VikingLand. If you use Z3US Wallet, there you're able to purchase RadiPux with just a few clicks.

If you prefer to purchase manually, please send $XRD 150 for every $PUX you want to adopt to the VikingLand-RadiPux wallet and include the transaction message "Random RadiPux"

    To avoid traits/ rarity scalping, we decided to distribute $PUX reservations solely randomised. Even the team and marketing pool is randomised, so no cherry picking by staff!

    To honour early adaptors and Trading Card Game enthusiasts, we distribute $PUX in three phases:

    • The first batch of 3,000 $PUX reservations are priced @ 150 $XRD each.
    • The second batch of 3,000 $PUX reservations are priced @ 200 $XRD each.
    • The third batch of 3,000 $PUX reservations are priced @ 250 $XRD each.

To adopt $PUX now

  • Either send $XRD 150 (as we are in the first batch) for every $PUX you want to adopt to the VikingLand-RadiPux wallet and include the transaction message "Random RadiPux".

  • Or go to VikingLand to collect them there.

Then: lean back & relax. You just secured some RadiPux!

You will receive the ordered quantity of $PUX interims utility token to the wallet you sent the funds from. After receiving the token in your wallet you can view your own personal collection of $PUX by using the wallet lookup here.

RadiPux Distribution Chart

Early $PUX!

Looks like you are so enthusiastic about Pux, Radix, NFTs, TCGs or all of that at once that you are early to the party. Grab you some Pux, dear friend!

Early $PUX are available for only $XRD 150 each.

Cool, $PUX!

Ah, so you are that type who’s always on time, no matter what. Well done, again! Still a lot of chance to grab some nice Pux!

Get $PUX now for just $XRD 200 each.


OMG... what is going on with all these $PUX? Looks like you got up late, but not too late, lucky you! But keep in mind: When they’re gone, they’re gone!

Final round of $PUX, as long as they last, is $XRD 250 each.


Watch out: Some of these $PUX may be up for grabs. Follow our social media channels to not miss out on these chances!

Join us on Twitter and Telegram.


Since the team donates the profits of this project towards the development of Battle Cards Online, team members and advisors got dropped some $PUX instead.


Since NFTs are not possible to create on Radix until its Babylon release, there will only be reservations for NFTs which are managed by us via the $PUX interim token and visualised on this website.

You can use the $PUX lookup to view your reservations. After Babylon release we will take a reservation snapshot of our database, mint the corresponding NFTs and let you swap your $PUX against the corresponding NFTs.

After Babylon release it will become possible to create NFTs on Radix. Of course we’ll need to then need a little time to implement the technology before the actual minting can happen.

We will of course keep you informed about the status and progess via the RadiPux communication channels, so make sure to join Twitter and Telegram.

Well spotted! 500 $PUX are reserved for Team and Advisors, as well as another 500 $PUX for Marketing (Raffles, Events) purposes. Boom, 10k!

As of now (16.11.2022), 350 $PUX of these 1000 reserved $PUX have been randomly assigned to team members wallets.

RadiPux visible on the website got adopted already. Blurred out ones will automagically become visible once assigned to a purchasing wallet. All Artworks got created already, so you get what you see!

RadiPux artworks got created by Tobi & his kids. You can contact Tobi ItzAme76 on Telegram.

Florian is the mastermind behind the technology that brings this website to life. Him you can contact via fl_1337 on Telegram.

Since RadiPux really is a learning project, apart from the team allocation of $PUX, possible profits are going to be used towards the development of Battle Cards Online, the first Radix based Trading & Battle Cards game.

¹: once NFTs have been minted and for as long as you maintain NFT ownership then.